Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Anybody there?

It's been awhile, folks! It's hard for me to remember to take pics on my real camera every now and again instead of my iPhone. But really, I have just been a blog slacker....big time. These pics date back quite a bit, but thought I better get them on here for the memories.

This one is obviously from back in like May when Colt still had long hair. This must be when I told him he was going to have a sibling....
and this is the reaction. : )

Here we are planting our modest garden. Colt was so helpful sitting right in the middle of it all, and he was like a mule and would not move.
So I planted around him.

Colt and his women....
1. Miss Lola. He loves his Lola. We are so lucky to be able to play with her several times a month. Side note....not so sure what is going on with the hair. I think it was windy, humid, and rainy that day. Anyone with curly hair knows that is a disaster waiting to happen on your head.
2. Miss Ella Grace. Played with her a few times. She's a doll.

3. Last, but certainly not least, is cousin Haley. These two are like bread and butta. Tied at the hip and oh-so-hilarious.

4th of July

The SAY CHEESE! face
Me and Deana at HOOPLA in San Fran (mid July). HOOPLA is the big annual Stella & Dot conference. What a FUN weekend! Already looking forward to the one next year.
On the Red Carpet, dah-ling.

And then there is my little iPhone man. He has his own apps and can work that phone like you wouldn't believe!
That caught us up a bit.
Almost 16 weeks pregnant now. We find out boy or girl on Sept 14, and I can hardly wait! Heart rate was 165 today. Most everyone is predicting a girl.....we'll see! I am wanting a brother for Colt and a girl for me, so it works out either way!
Not much else going on around here. READY FOR FALL.
Until next time....


Becky said...

He looks so different without his curls!!! What a cutie pie!!! SO excited to hear what you are having!!!